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city trip

Third day in Athens

Sunday was a special day. It was 25 of march, Independence day in Greece, so all (historic) sites were closed. In the morning I saw the big military parade. There was also a huge police force, at least a couple of thousand. As the historic sites were closed I decided to walk to the parliament to see the presidential guards. The police was expecting a demonstration there so there were many police officers and the metro station Syntagma was closed. As there was not much to do I decided to walk to Monastiraki and take the metro to Faliro, where I changed to the tram, that took me along the coast Asklipiio Voulas. On the way back I got off at Kalamaki where I walked along the coast.

Second day in Athens

After a good breakfast in my hotel I walked to Lykavittos hill and climbed it form the north side. The hill is 277 meters high and it gives you good overview of Athens, see my photographs. I chose to descent the hill at the front side and crossed the city to arrive in Plaka. After a short stop at a café, I climbed the Acropolis hill to arrive at the entrance. The entrance fee of the Acropolis is 12 euro and is valid for 4 days at a couple of historic sites.

These sites are:
Ancient Agora
Roman Agora
Hardian’s library
Temple of Zeus
Theatre of Dionysos

First day in Athens

It is the third week that it is nice weather in Athens. The temperature is above 20 degrees centigrade.
I started my day in Piraeas where I arrived by Metro and walked back to the Falino metro station, via the Zea Marina.

I had lunch in Plaka and afterwards I rounded the Acropolis and visited the New Acropolis museum.

Tomorrow second city trip

Tomorrow my second city trip with KLM will start. This time Athens is my destination.
My Hotel has free WIFI so I will try to update this blog every day.