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My return flights from Athens

Winglet of KLM 737-800

Winglet of KLM 737-800

KLM departed 40 minutes late from Amsterdam, due to fog in London. The airplane had flown to London before the flight to Athens. The crew managed to make up some time after arriving in Athens, so we departed only 20 minutes late. This time it was an older Boeing 737-800 with winglets but without the tv-screens. During the flight the crew managed to make up the rest of the time by flying  a little bit faster and lower where they had less headwind, so we arrived at the scheduled arrival time. On board I had a hot sandwich with chicken and cheese and I sat on seat 5A. Information about the Customs at Schiphol will follow in my next post.

After a couple of hours I boarded my second flight (Fokker 70, seat 4A) of the day to Düsseldorf which had a flying time of only 30 minutes, but as usual we departed from the Polderbaan. The flight arrived on time in Düsseldorf where the airplane parked at the terminal, but we still had to go with a bus, that after driving us around the airport, dropped us off a few hundred meters were we started.

KLM flight to Athens.

The flight left the Gate C11 at Schiphol almost on time. But as usual we had to taxi 20 minutes to reach the “Polderbaan”, which is halfway Haarlem.

The flight was with a 737-800 with winglets and TV-screens. The latter you don’t see very often in KLM airplanes. According the crew KLM they only have TV-screens in all  737-700 and a in couple of 737-800, what is a pity.

On both flights I sat at 5A, the first row after Business Class. The sky above Europe was at moments very crowded and planes ware crossing us above and below at the same time. After take-off the flight took us over Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich. After that crossed the alps and we followed the coast of the Adriatic Sea to Greece.

The meal was this time not a burger but a Thai Red Curry Wrap. The bread of the wrap was a bit hard.

We landed 16:00 hours, 5 minutes after scheduled arrival time.

KLM Flight to Düsseldorf

My last hop of my trip was the short flight to Düsseldorf.
The plane left the gate on time and with a flying time of just 30 minutes I had enough time to get my luggage and my train.

KLM Crown Lounge Schiphol (Schengen)

After arriving from Lisbon, I walked to the KLM Crown Lounge at Schiphol Airport (Schengen area).
This lounge has a variety of snacks.

This post will be updated after my next trip.

KLM flight to Amsterdam

The flight to Amsterdam was operated by KLM. On the flight I got a burger-style sandwich. With Egg and Chicken, it was not great but it’s a bit more than the sweat or salty (scanty) snack that you get on a Air France flight.

The flight left on time and was expected to arrive early, but the plane landed on the “Polderbaan” (18R), so after 15 minute taxi we arrived on time at the gate.

To Lisbon Airport

My alarm clock went early in the morning, so I would be on time for my flight to the Schiphol (Amsterdam) and then to Düsseldorf.
I packed my last things and went downstairs to check out at the reception. After checking out the man at the reception called a taxi at 5:30 hours, that early there is no public transport to the airport. The taxi arrived (quick) 1 minute later and brought me in less than 15 minutes to the airport and costed less than 10 euros.

My next city trip: Athens

My next trip is booked and planned, this time to the east of Europe. The Greek capital Athens is my next destination.
This time it is 4 flights with KLM from Düsseldorf to Athens via Amsterdam.

Tips about my city trip to Athens are welkom.