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My next city trip: Athens

My next trip is booked and planned, this time to the east of Europe. The Greek capital Athens is my next destination.
This time it is 4 flights with KLM from Düsseldorf to Athens via Amsterdam.

Tips about my city trip to Athens are welkom.

Third day in Lisbon

Sunday, After breakfast I took a more relaxing day. I Took the metro to São Sabastião and sat down at the café in the park north of Parque Eduardo VII. It was almost windless and in the morning it was almost completely sunny. It was a nice place to have a drink or something to eat. After my slow start I walked down through the park to Marques the Pombal. There I got the metro to Rato. And I slowly descended back to my hotel, on the way visiting the Garden Jardim Botânico da Universidade de Lisbao.

Free Internet in Lisbon

Lisbon has a enormous network of Fon hotspots.
If you have working Fonera router at home, you can use these hotspots for free.
Fon has a large worldwide network, so in many countries you can benefit and use Fon Spots for free.
For the working hotspots you can follow the following link. Fon Maps

But last not least not all Fon spots have the same connection quality.
For Android there is a free app, that connects you automatically with a Fon Spot.

Second day in Lisbon

After having a good breakfast I took the Metro Line Azul to São Sabastião, where I changed lines to Vemelha line, that took my direct to Oriente station. The Oriente is the part of the city where in 1998 the Expo was. There is also the biggest aquarium of Europe called Ocenarium. This aquarium is also the second largest in the World. I visited this site, it is not cheap with an entrance fee of 13 euros (permanent exhibition only) and 16,5 euros for the permanent and temporary visiting areas. But I think a visit is worthwhile. To see all parts it occupies you for a couple of hours. I inserted in this post a few shots I have made there.

After visiting the Ocenarium I travelled back to city by metro and climbed the hill of the Castelo de São Jorge. I left the metro at Rossio and transferred to a bus line 737 that starts at Praça da Figueira. This small bus brings you to the entrance of the castle. But as I noted in the About page of this website, I do city trips on a shoestring. So I did not entered the castelo, the entrance fee was 7,5 euros.
Instead I walked down to Largo das Portas do Sol and took line 28E. But as it was Saturday the tram was very crowded and instead of leaving it at metro station Martim Moniz, got off a station earlier at Intendente.

Going for a sundowner.
Intendente is on the Verde line. I left it at its final station Cais do Sodré. A small walk brought me to Elevador Da Bica what opened in 1892, which is a National Monument since 2002. I descended a few blocks to the Noobai Café. This Café has a nice view of the river and the Ponte 25 de Abril (bridge). The café had already a waiting list for the terrace. After 10 minutes a place came free and I could sit outside.

First day in Lisbon

My Aerobus ticket is still valid until 18:00 hours, so after having had a coffee in the sun on Praça Do Comércio.I took the roller-coaster ride of tram 28E (Electrico) this tramline goes up and down steep hills in downtown Lisbon. On the way back I boarded 25E, to get back to Praça Do Comércio.

These old electric trams where introduced in 1901.

In the afternoon I visited the UNESCO sites of the Belem Tower and the Mosteiro dos Jéronimos.
I was nice to see them from the outside, but I haven’t been in the Belem Tower and the Mosteiro dos Jéronimos.

When you have a Lisboa card the Belem Tower and the Mosteiro dos Jéronimos entrance is free. On the Lisboa card I will later publish an article called “Transportation”.

After seeing these two UNESCO monuments, I returned to the city.
The tram 15 was quite crowded and older people should be careful, the acceleration of the trams can be substantial. Some elderly had fallen on my tram ride due to this acceleration.

After returning to the city center, I visited the Elevador de Santa Justa. The Elevador is a more than 100 year old lift, that takes you 45 meters up in the center of the city to bring you to the higher laying part of the city. From the lower Baixa to the higher Chiado part of the city.

For more information about:
Trams in Lisbon (Wikipedia)
Belem Tower
Mosteiro dos Jéronimos
Elevador de Santa Justa 

Hotel Jorge V

I stayed in the 3 star Hotel Jorge V a block away of the Av. da Liberdade. I had chosen this hotel for its location, price and breakfast. When I look at the price/quality of hotel its pretty good, but the rooms could use some small repairs, but not inconvenient.

Hotel Jorge V has no free Internet (WIFI), they use Fractilia as provider, which is expensive.
One hour WIFI costs 6 euro’s and a day 12 euro’s. Bus Lisbon has a free alternative, if you have a Fonera. (See also a later post about internet in Lisbon).

Arrival in Lisbon

Photo of Elevador de Santa Justa

Photo of Elevador de Santa Justa


After getting my luggage I took, at 18:00 hours, the Aerobus to the centre of the city. Due to rush-hour it took an hour to get to Marquês de Bompal, with is about 7 KM. The Aerobus ticket costs 3,5 euros and is valid for 24 hours on all the public transport in Lisbon except the metros. It is also valid for the entrance of panorama deck of the Elevador de Santa Justa.

My flight to Lisbon

Photo of crossing the Pyrenees by plane

Photo of crossing the Pyrenees by plane


The boarding gate was on the other site of a wall, but to get there I needed to walk almost ¾ km. After that I that a few stairs down to get to the bus that brought me to the plane. I sat at seat 11F, I moved 2 rows forward compared with my flight from Düsseldorf. This plane yet another A318 was almost completely full in Economy and empty in Business (7 rows). Total passengers on board (POB) was approximately 80.

Air France Lounge CDG 2D.

Like in Dusseldorf the Lounge in Paris has a limited range of snacks, consisting of chocolate cookies and chips. The Lounge has WIFI to get connected you have to fill in your name and email address.

My flight to Paris CDG

Foggy Paris Airport

Foggy Paris Airport, with airplane taking off.


The flight was with an Airbus 318 from Air France and I sat on 14F. We reached the plane by bus. The plane was less than half full. The service Air France provided on this flight was a sweat of a salty snack and a non-alcoholic of alcoholic beverage. The flight was on time. After a 10 minute taxi we boarded a bus to get to the terminal.

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