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My return flights from Athens

Winglet of KLM 737-800

Winglet of KLM 737-800

KLM departed 40 minutes late from Amsterdam, due to fog in London. The airplane had flown to London before the flight to Athens. The crew managed to make up some time after arriving in Athens, so we departed only 20 minutes late. This time it was an older Boeing 737-800 with winglets but without the tv-screens. During the flight the crew managed to make up the rest of the time by flying  a little bit faster and lower where they had less headwind, so we arrived at the scheduled arrival time. On board I had a hot sandwich with chicken and cheese and I sat on seat 5A. Information about the Customs at Schiphol will follow in my next post.

After a couple of hours I boarded my second flight (Fokker 70, seat 4A) of the day to Düsseldorf which had a flying time of only 30 minutes, but as usual we departed from the Polderbaan. The flight arrived on time in Düsseldorf where the airplane parked at the terminal, but we still had to go with a bus, that after driving us around the airport, dropped us off a few hundred meters were we started.

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